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Welcome to Nefarious Reviews, a site for anime reviews and manga, with gaming content on occasion. Barring extreme circumstances, there are two reviews a week.

Review System:

The site’s aim is to provide reviews for the fans of today, not based on how good the piece was at release. Sequels and other pieces may shine a different light on any given work – maybe it didn’t age well.

In order to remain as objective as possible, I follow a system to analyse each aspect of the subject. For example, in an action series filled with battles, the review’s focus will be on those battles. I look for the marks of good action: depth of strategy, tension, variety of abilities, internal and external character conflicts, and so on. A fight can be great, filled with twists, intelligent strategy, and drama, only to have it ruined by a new ability out of nowhere from the hero to win the day.

In a romance on the other hand, action is pushed to the low tier, if existent at all. Where action could get away with not exploring the fundamentals of human relationships, romance has to bring these to the forefront. In this manner, I approach each genre differently, each series on its own merits.

Furthermore, I distinguish between personal favourite and objective best. Even if a series is a personal favourite, it doesn’t affect the overall rating.

Finding something to watch:

You can browse anime reviews in several ways: First by English title or the original Japanese title if you prefer.

Have a favourite genre? Find it here. Or do you prefer certain sub-elements such as anti-heroes? Check the list of tags. Want a series with an outstanding villain or is quality art your preference? Then browse by awards.

Not sure what to watch? View by rating and start from the top. Read here for an explanation on the rating system.

Requests and feedback:

And lastly, if you want to request a series for review, have a suggestion, or have constructive feedback, then you can contact here.

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