Anime Reviews by Tags

All Tags used by Anime listed in alphabetical order. See a series under a wrong tag? Have a suggestion for a new tag that doesn’t fit under the current list? Contact me here.

Tag Count
Action – Often high in violence and fast-paced. Not necessarily gory, though can be. 216
Adventure – Let’s go on a quest! Characters usually embark on a grand journey, encountering various obstacles along the way. 90
Anti-Hero – The protagonist or a prominent character does whatever it takes for the greater good without allowing himself or herself to turn to the dark side. Batman, Sagara from Full Metal Panic, and yes, even Godzilla fit the anti-hero mould. 33
Assassin – Protagonist or prominent character whose profession is expert killing. 8
Battle – Anime where the bulk of the screen time is allocated to fights, usually one vs. one. 21
Comedy – Good for laughs. This tag only applies to shows that have consistent attempts at humour or are particularly funny. 162
Creepy – Expect to feel uneasy. Creepy doesn’t necessarily equate to a bad show. The villain may be unsettling, or a relationship could be inappropriate. 29
Cyberpunk – A high-tech society with a breakdown in the social order. 9
Detective – The protagonist or prominent character is a detective and the crime element is core to the narrative. 32
Drama – The focus is on emotional conflict. 161
Ecchi – Perverted aspects. Doesn’t apply to shows where it is a minor aspect. 45
Fantasy – Basically, Lord of the Rings, though it can also be in a modern setting. 109
Filler – Show will contain a good number of episodes with no purpose other than to pad length with rubbish that was not in the original Manga. 7
Guns – Portable firearms play a prominent role. 110
Harem – A several party relationship (often falsely romantic), most commonly with one male pursued by a group of females. However, it can be a single female with several males. 26
Horror – Has strong elements to unsettle or frighten the audience. 51
Intelligent – The show as a whole, often due to intelligent characters, has intellectual depth. 19
Josei – Adult Women as the target audience. 13
Magic – Expect spellcasting. Spoon bending doesn’t count. 72
Mature – Not suitable for a young audience. 50
Mecha – Giant robots do battle, often with a pilot inside. 43
Medieval – Set in a period of knights and castles, or Samurai and Emperors. 36
Melancholy – Particularly sad or subdued for most of the time. 20
Monsters – Rawr! From the large (Godzilla) to the small (Zombie). 94
Movie – Anime movies (animated and live action). Only includes movies that can be watched stand-alone, not extended episode movies. 54
Music – The conflict and goals are based around music, or features an emphasis on music. 15
Mystery – An air of the unknown, a puzzle to solve… 50
Ninja – This anime is full of ninjas. You may not see them, but they are there. 6
Nudity – Contains partial or prominent nudity. Not explicitly graphic. 71
Post-Apocalyptic – Set after the world has been ravaged by calamity. 27
Psychological – The narrative incorporates elements of the mind to skew reality and perceptions of both characters and audience alike. 56
Revenge – The core plot is about a quest for revenge. 12
Romance – One or more romantic relationships play an important role. Not applied to tacked-on or minor romances. 159
School Life – Set in school of all stages, though high school is most common. 97
Science Fiction – Technology and civilisation have advanced beyond our current situation. 107
Seinen – Adult men are the target audience, though the content usually attracts both genders. 140
Shoujo – Young adult girls as the target audience. 30
Shounen – Young adult boys as the target audience. 114
Slice of Life – Depiction of ordinary life, often without serious conflict. 55
Slow-Paced – Not for those who like urgency. 24
Sports – The conflict and goals are based around a sport. 24
Steampunk – Where technology is powered by steam, commonly in a Victorian setting. 5
Sudden Girlfriend/Boyfriend Appearance – The protagonist meets someone who becomes their boyfriend/girlfriend with unrealistic speed, often instantly and without a say in the matter. 17
Supernatural – Contains elements beyond the means of reality and science, yet still in our world. 105
Swords – En garde! Swashbuckling, duels, and stabbing. 88
Thriller – High suspense, tension, and excitement. Is the killer under your bed at this very moment? Are you sure? 24
Tragedy – An event shakes the character’s world apart. Often coupled with Melancholy, but not mutually inclusive. 76
Vampire – Sharp teeth and a thirst for blood. Thankfully, there is no sparkling. Yet. 24
Western Cartoon – A cartoon made for a western audience that I feel would interest Anime fans. 6
Yaoi – Involves a prominent intimate relationship between males. 2
Yuri – Involves a prominent intimate relationship between females. 3

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