Tales from Earthsea – Anime Review

Japanese Title: Gedo Senki


Similar: Castle in the Sky

Princess Mononoke

Howl’s Moving Castle


Watched in: Japanese & English

Genre: Fantasy Adventure

Length: 1 hr. 55 min. movie



  • Gorgeous art.


  • No depth to the characters.
  • Lacks engagements.
  • Doesn’t explore anything.

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Tales from Earthsea is often the lowest rated feature film by Studio Ghibli on anime database sites, sometimes by a significant margin. This discrepancy for such a venerable studio has always made Tales from Earthsea stand out to me. It looked like a Ghibli movie, so what could be wrong?

The world is deteriorating. A division of desires between dragons and humans has thrown nature off balance. Archmage Sparrowhawk goes on a journey to find the cause, meeting Arren, young prince of the kingdom, who has just killed his father and is on the run. The prince harbours a darkness within that grants him both strength and cruelty. The sorcerer Cob sees Arren’s weakness as an opportunity to tip the balance further and open the gate to immortality.

Confusion. I characterise Tales from Earthsea best with the word ‘confusion’. The above plot outline isn’t clear until the movie is almost over. The storytelling is so vague. It doesn’t lay out any clear information at the start. You don’t know what any character wants, where anything is going, or why anything is this way. In any story, you must give the audience something to care about from the beginning, whether it is a character motivation, a goal, or an ideal. You wander aimlessly through Tales from Earthsea. I paused several times to watch a YouTube video out of boredom. I care nothing about this film.

Sparrowhawk is a one-note noble wizard, Arren doesn’t have anything going for him outside of these visually intriguing nightmares, and Cob is just Evil Guy 63728. His subordinate slaver is more interesting. We don’t receive reason to care for their actions or their fates. Lacking are the ‘human’ moments that make us love Ghibli’s other characters. How charmed are we by Howl’s first interaction with Sophie? How lovable is Chihiro within minutes? Who could say no to the fluffy Totoro after a single yawn? How strongly did we feel for Seita’s predicament before we even knew his name?

The world of Earthsea almost made me care. When the main characters reach the town of Hort, it’s a magnificent sight, hinting at a deeper world. A back alley shows us citizens crippled by an opium-like substance. A slaver insinuates he will sell a girl into sex slavery. Drugs, slavery, and other dark elements speak of a depth created by the novel’s author, yet not translated by the film studio. These dark elements don’t matter in the movie.

I can see why praise is scarce for Tales from Earthsea with so little to recommend itself. With the basics of storytelling and characters missing from here, there’s no point commenting on the higher layers, such as the scene-to-scene. It’s a waste of time when every problem could be summed up with, “You need to go back to the story/character and fix it first.”

Tales from Earthsea was the first feature film directed by Hayao Miyazaki’s son, Goro, and he hadn’t grasped the Ghibli magic that made the studio’s films stand out.

Art – Very High

Even with a bad story, Studio Ghibli delivers quality art. The shot of the city impresses me in particular, as does the cinematography on the dragon’s back in the opening scene.

Sound – Medium

The acting is decent. The dub needs more energy, especially from the girl. In the dub, Willem Dafoe replaces a Japanese woman as the sorcerer, oddly enough.

Story – Low

A boy combats his inner demons as an evil sorcerer seeks immortality. Tales from Earthsea lack direction, foundation, development, and depth to make a compelling story.

Overall Quality – Low

Recommendation: Don’t bother. Unless you must watch Tales from Earthsea to complete the Ghibli library, there is no reason to waste your time on this film.

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Fluid AnimationStunning Art Quality


DissapointingHollow World BuildingShallow

8 thoughts on “Tales from Earthsea – Anime Review”

  1. Youtuber BlackCriticGuy sums up exactly how I felt about this film. Never have I been so bored and frustrated, and not to mention infuriated by a Studio Ghibli film. Ever. Like Disney, Studio Ghibli are a pioneer when it comes to animation, character depth and storytelling. To have one terrible feature that prints a black mark on their filmography is just embarrassing. I know this one is really a one-off and even though Disney had their abominations that deserve to be forgotten, like The Black Cauldron and Oliver and Company, they are a much older studio so they can be forgiven, because they went through a meandering phase of lost direction when Walt passed away, However this was directed by Goro Miyazaki instead of Hayao Miyazaki, which explains it all. This was Goro’s debut and he was clearly inexperienced. hence why this failed massively in Japan and everywhere else. I would have given this a “Very Low” so you were being a bit generous here.

    If you would like to see BCG’s review, it’s here:

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    1. What baffles me is that no one during production thought to say, “This isn’t good.” Or perhaps they did, but realised it would have cost more money than it was worth to change direction.


      1. Which is exactly what BlackCriticGuy said at 26:09. The way he addresses his revises is hilarious sometimes and he’s absolutely right about this film. He’s very entertaining to watch. Did you watch the video?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, I watched it. Good video once past the introduction and he goes on the rant. I agree with most of his points. I knew it was Goro’s first film – I didn’t realise it was his first thing ever! Who thought it was a good idea?

          “Obi-wannabe-Kenobi” haha!


  2. I thought that that was funny aswell. All those nicknames he had haha. I would have liked your comments but unfortunately I’m not properly signed in but I still get your notifications.

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