Prison School – Anime Review

Japanese Title: Kangoku Gakuen


Similar: Rainbow

Highschool of the Dead



Watched in: Japanese & English

Genre: Ecchi Comedy

Length: 12 episodes, 1 OVA



  • Some hilarious jokes.


  • Becomes safe after a few episodes.
  • Not as crazy as it should be.
  • Over-smooth Flash shading.
  • Characters are one-note.

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In a once girls-only school, five boys find themselves imprisoned after a late night escapade to spy on the girls’ bath. A trio of sadistic girls from the student council are their guards. These girls will leave no deed unpunished, no member unwhipped, and no depravity unexplored.

Prison School is all about lewd humour. We have seemingly every fetish imaginable here. Sadomasochism (S & M), foot fetish, urination, bondage, femdom, voyeurism, CBT, spanking, whipping, bimbofication – whatever tickles your pickle, Prison School will serve you. And while some of the jokes are bloody funny, they don’t evolve after a few episode. Prison School blows its load early.

For example, the big guy with the tiny face has a fetish for being beaten by the Underground Student Council Vice President (she’s the one with the huge personalities and whip). So when the boys are before the whole school and living a scene out of Auschwitz, the big guy loves it and begs for more punishment, ruining her plan of making them suffer. This had me laughing. However, they repeat the same joke every few episodes and that becomes his ‘thing.’ When he’s involved, you can safely predict the joke. This applies to all characters. That girl’s thing, when not dominating the boys, is a lust to be dominated by the Underground Council President – good sense of irony, but it’s the one joke every time these two girls share screen time.

The school chairman’s thing is Latina derrières, which his daughter (council president) finds abhorrent. Again, the first time it’s hilarious, the second it’s mildly humorous, and the third is predictable. Prison School doesn’t freshen up its jokes or try to surprise you by using them at unexpected moments, which is how good repetition makes you laugh harder each time at the same joke. When a character enters the scene here, you can guarantee their joke will happen soon.

As I said earlier, some of the jokes are hilarious and last a few episodes, at least, but only if you can handle dirty humour. Prison School isn’t anime dirty (i.e. tame); it’s genuinely filthy and as uncensored as you can get before moving to the ‘H’ category. The greatest challenge in writing this review was finding screenshots that wouldn’t require an ID check to see.

Regarding the plot, Prison School plays it too safe. With such a lewd premise, I expected something crazier, something on the level of crazy found in Kill la Kill, but the extreme ecchi version. Yeah, one of the filthiest anime is too tame. This plot is a series of schemes to escape prison as the girls try to have them expelled. Unbelievably, this is an improvement over the manga, which has so much filler. I gave up the manga after eight volumes because it went nowhere.

Prison School is fun if you just want to laugh at some filth. Don’t expect anything beyond that.

Art – Medium

The overly smooth shading looks straight out of Flash animation. I am not fond of this timesaving technique. The animation is rather good – much better than it has a right to be for an ecchi anime. I like the intentional ugly expressions to heighten the grotesque (reminds me of AoT’s small Titans).

Sound – Medium

The voice acting is fine in either language, but stick with the Japanese for one character’s humorous English swearing. Definite room for a wittier script.

Story – Low

A gang of perverts try to outsmart the student council of dominatrices that threw them in prison. The lewd humour doesn’t mix things up enough to keep Prison School’s safe plot interesting in the long term.

Overall Quality – Low

Recommendation: One for the internet researchers. You might want to put on a set of clothes you don’t mind getting dirty before you start Prison School.

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5 thoughts on “Prison School – Anime Review”

  1. It started off on a really good note but it completely lost in track in the 2nd half when it starts to build suspense the comedy was gone although it was clear what is going to happen in the end that didn’t help the matters either.the ova was good for me it was sort of comeback to old time.this is one of those series which you drop it in 1st ep or you complete the full series.

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