Shinigami Alice – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Shinigami Alice


Similar: Murciélago


Genre: Yuri Horror

Length: 2 volumes



  • Gory in the action scenes.
  • An interesting dynamic between the two characters.
  • Explores heavy themes.


  • Never explains why Misaki doesn’t freak out at seeing people stabbed to death by a girl with scissors.
  • Doesn’t delve into the concept of humanity enough.
  • Motion in the action scenes can be confusing.

Note: Shinigami Alice has a chapter zero, a one-shot version of the premise that doesn’t fit with the full two-volume edition. Also, there is no ‘Alice,’ despite the title.

After school one day, Misaki follows a doll-like girl to a back alley and watches her stab a man to death with a pair of scissors. Rather than running in terror, Misaki is intrigued by the death dealer. Killer Hinageshi cannot leave any witnesses; however, she lets Misaki live for some reason. Misaki starts stalking her to the murders in the hope of spending time with Hinageshi. Still the death dealer doesn’t kill her. Misaki’s kindness sways her.

Trouble arises when Hinageshi’s puppetmaster learns of the living witness and Hinageshi’s new independence. Other death dealers come after her, putting Misaki’s life in danger.

While I don’t mind the premise, the author needed to establish why Misaki doesn’t react to the killings, even if they are of bad people. Seriously, not a flinch. If she is immune to death, then why is she the one bringing the humanity to their relationship? Speaking of humanity, the narrative should have delved deeper into the subject. Shinigami Alice does discuss it between the gory action, but that aspect feels unfinished.

Will all that said, Shinigami Alice is a good manga for those interested in something different.

Art – High

Quite good with a nice level of detailing. Suitably grim during the violent scenes, contrasting with the cuter character design. Could be clearer in its action movements.

Story – Medium

The story of a death dealer and the girl who gives her humanity.

Recommendation: Try it. Good, but not as deep as it should be for such a heavy theme of murder and humanity.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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