Prism – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Prism


Similar: Hanjuku Joshi

Girl Friends



Genre: Yuri Comedy Romance

Length: 1 volume (discontinued)



  • Good art that knows when it needs to be sexy.
  • Sweet romance with good humour.


  • Hikaru’s exaggerated talents and traits.

(contains nudity and sex)

Megumi has led a boring life so far and is looking for more excitement now that she’s in high school. The most excitement she’s had was a one-day romance with Hikaru, a boy she met at the beach in middle school and still fantasises about. At the high school entrance ceremony, she meets a beautiful girl called Hikaru, the same Hikaru from before, now a girl. It turns out she was never a boy, rather a tomboy. Megumi is miffed about this change because she can’t “do anything” with a girl.

Hikaru is good at sports and school and her beauty makes her popular with the boys, even turning heads of those already in relationships. Other girls hate her and use jealousy to fuel their bullying. Megumi soon falls for her all over again, but has doubts, worrying what people will think and if Hikaru is serious about her flirtations. Self-consciousness and public opinion are major themes in Prism. In public, Hikaru is rather daring with her flirting; behind closed doors however, Megumi comes out of her shell and takes control.

Megumi and Hikaru interactions are sweet and funny (sometimes naughty), particularly when meeting Hikaru’s family, who tease her endlessly. I thoroughly enjoyed Prism and wished it hadn’t been cut short. Even with Prism’s early demise, it doesn’t feel as incomplete as one would image.

Art – High

The character design is plain at first; however, it improves by the third chapter. Sexy when it needs to be and the environments are fully realised.

Story – High

Prism is a simple and fun story of two girls discovering love. Shame about the cancellation.

Recommendation: Read it. Despite the sudden cancellation, Prism has enough worth reading.

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