Candy – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Candy


Similar: Prism

Girl Friends


Genre: Yuri Romance Drama

Length: 2 volumes



  • A nice amount of drama to compliment the pleasant story.
  • Addresses protagonist’s immaturity rather than leaving it as an endearing quality.


  • The noise filter for shading looks awful.
  • Poor first chapter.

Kanan, tomboy and star of the archery club, receives a confession from Bessho, who runs off in embarrassment. Because Kanan is so dense, she doesn’t understand why she was confessed to or even notice that Bessho was serious. In fact, she is idolised by many of the girls in this all-girls school, but is so clueless that she has no idea. Kanan’s best friend uses her density as a target of much teasing.

After an incident where Bessho kisses Kanan’s neck under the pretence of removing a spider, they start getting closer; however, in this strict school, they are wary of looking too familiar with each other in public lest they become the source of gossip. Further drama arises when they go on a date and realise they don’t have the same taste in anything. Will Kanan’s favourite candy be the bridge? Furthermore, another girl who has a crush on Kanan looks to interfere.

Candy is a pleasant manga with a surprising amount of drama, particularly regarding Kanan’s immaturity. I liked it.

Art – Medium

I like the art style and charming character design, but the use of noise filters for shading was a mistake.

Story – High

Good characters in a nice romance of awkwardness, drama and humour.

Recommendation: Read it. Worth your time for the characters and their quirky relationship.

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