Shapes of Feelings – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Kimochi no Katachi


Genre: Yuri romance

Length: 2 volumes



  • Mercifully short.


  • Still too long.
  • The core problem preventing the relationship is pathetic.
  • Ugly character art.

First-year high school girl, Satsuki, is in love with second-year Kano. However, Satsuki has a fear of touching girls because she doesn’t think it ‘normal,’ damaging her social interactions with Kano and other girls. What caused this crippling condition? Rejection from another girl. That’s it. The entire narrative hinges on Satsuki’s fear of touching girls and the friend who helps her overcome it.

Kimochi no Katachi is boring and ugly to look at. What a waste of time.

Art – Low

Ugly character design. I hate massively tall eyes coupled with a humungous forehead and massive hair.

Story – Very Low

A dull story of a girl with a pathetic problem in love with another girl.

Recommendation: Avoid it. Empty. Unremarkable. Nothing to see in Kimochi no Katachi.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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