Nijipuri – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Nijipuri


Similar: First Love Sisters

Shoujo Holic

Sky-Coloured Girlfriend

Mousou Honey

Brother, Dear Brother

Strawberry Panic


Genre: Yuri romance

Length: 3 volumes



  • None.


  • Yet another generic ordinary girl in love with a high-class girl in an elite all-girls school.
  • Bland art.
  • Heard-before jokes. Not funny.
  • Too many characters without establishment.

(contains nudity)

I have to wrack my brain to remember what happens in Nijipuri for this review. It follows an ordinary girl joining an elite school where she falls for an upper-class girl. Now I remember why this slipped my mind; Nijipuri is as generic as you can get. Every character, every joke, ever panel of art, and every moment is a copy from other manga.

What else can I say that isn’t a repeat of the negatives list above?

Art – Medium

Generic style. Bland imagery.

Story – Low

Generic story. Nothing to it.

Recommendation: Avoid it. So generic, Nijipuri goes in one ear and out the other.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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