My Two Wings – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa


Genre: Yuri Comedy Romance

Length: 5 volumes



  • Entertaining, even if terrible.


  • No understanding of puberty or genital anatomy.
  • Mary-Sue protagonist.
  • Nonsense relationships.
  • Vertical slits for eyes in half the panels looks stupid.

(contains nudity and sex)

When Hiromi’s cousin, Mako, moves in with her, she expects a boy, only to see Mako is a suddenly a girl. As it turns out, she is both (by a loose definition), having a sea-biscuit and a bajingo between her legs. She says hermaphrodite, but let’s not pretend here, she’s really a girl with an extra gentleman’s sausage – nothing else about her is male. Mako starts attending the same school as Hiromi, where she must hide the fact that she carries a hadidoo in her pants from everyone, including those she has a crush on.

I wonder if the writer of My Two Wings has ever looked at an anatomy book. If he had, he would notice that a man’s peeper and a woman’s hoohoo both emerge from the same place and opening of the pelvis, meaning you couldn’t have both as depicted in this manga. Furthermore, despite the fact that every part of hers is fully grown near the end of high school, including F-cup breasts, we are supposed to believe her nocturnal emissions and visits by Aunt Flow haven’t started yet. And no matter how much tape you use, you can’t stuff a python with accompanying walnuts inside a vajayjay and pass as a girl when wearing a bikini.

Almost all conflict comes from Mako panicking over her secret, especially when she dates people (why date in the first place then?). My Two Wings has some next level high school soap polygon. Mako likes a guy, who likes her teacher, who is the older sister of a classmate, who is obsessed with Mako, who is chased by another girl seeking to uncover Mako’s schwing-schwong so that the lesbian girl will fancy her instead. Then there’s Hiromi and her boyfriend, who cheats with the teacher, gets caught in the act, and he falls for Mako on the same day, pretending its deep seeded love. I probably shouldn’t mention all the lecherous activities Mako and Hiromi get up to.

There are a few elements outside of the relationships and privates drama, but it’s meaningless. My Two Wings is a ludicrous as it sounds. So bad, it’s hilarious.

Art – Medium

A surprising amount of effort went into the backgrounds; however, character anatomy, particularly faces are poorly drawn. Those slit eyes.

Story – Very Low

A hermaphrodite (woman with a wiener for all intents and purposes) having to hide her third leg at school? Bad, but entertainingly so.

Recommendation: So bad, you have to read it. The ludicrous premise and stupid scenarios are so unbelievably bad you must read this.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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