The Secret Recipe – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Himitsu no Recipe


Related: Girl Friends (same author)

Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry-Blossom Pink (same author)


Genre: Yuri Comedy

Length: 2 volumes



  • Cute art.
  • Quite humorous.


  • No real drama or tension.

Wakatsuki, youngest member of the cooking club, wants to confirm her sexuality and asks club president Horikawa to help with the task by kissing her. The things is, Wakatsuki was the only new member this year, leaving just six students in the club and Horikawa will do anything to keep her club running. So she agrees to kiss Wakatsuki. However, once the kiss confirms her lesbian sexuality, Wakatsuki wants more. She sets out to seduce Horikawa with her cooking, except…she’s a terrible cook. Will Horikawa be willing to sacrifice her chastity for the club?

It’s fun to see what wacky scheme Wakatsuki will come up with next to seduce the president. The Secret Recipe has a cute aesthetic to match its playful narrative. Despite the lack of tension or drama, and it may not be the funniest manga, The Secret Recipe is an enjoyable read.

Art – Medium

Morinaga’s trademark art from Girl Friends returns, but limitations in the story, reduce the variety of expressions, locations, and characters.

Story – Medium

The fun story of a cooking club and the club president desperate to save it.

Recommendation: Try it. The Secret Recipe is pleasant, but lacks drama.

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