Flag Time – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Fragtime


Genre: Yuri Comedy Romance

Length: 2 volumes



  • Stopping time to spy on people’s mundane lives is amusing.


  • The girls don’t get crazy or creative enough with the power.
  • The drama is rather flat at times.

Moritani has the ability to stop time for three minutes a day, which she uses to observe people’s ordinary lives – reading secret text messages, and the like. One time, she uses her power to look up a girl’s skirt, except it turns out that Murakami is immune to the power and finds Moritani’s action amusing. Murakami ropes Moritani into using her power for mischief and they start hanging out together. The two girls spy on other students; who’s fooling around at school, who’s skipping class, etc.

The time stopping is fun, but with such a power, they could have gone further. Other than a single, rather pervy, incident, the power is used for simple hijinks and to get out of tense conversations. Even if the author wanted to keep it about normality, the girls could have looked into some truly salacious secrets such as love affairs. Flag Time is a bit too normal for me, despite the supernatural element, though your enjoyment may vary.

Art – Medium

The art is nice, but there is something…thin about it.

Story – Medium

Hijinks by two girls in patches of frozen time make for an entertaining story.

Recommendation: Try it. The premise is interesting, but I would have liked crazier uses of time stopping.

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