Blue Friend – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Blue Friend


Genre: Yuri Romance Drama

Length: 3 volumes



  • Sweet interactions between the two girls and their complimentary personalities create a believable relationship.
  • Delightfully nasty antagonists.
  • The drama from Misuzu’s past.


  • The overuse of blank eyes makes the art look empty at times.

Ayumu sits next to Misuzu in her new class. Misuzu is an attractive girl, but her blunt personality makes her unapproachable. Still, she attracts lots of boys with her beauty, which makes other girls jealous, especially when Misuzu pulls one of their boyfriends. She rejects them all.

Eventually, Ayumu’s sweetness and honesty begin to break through Misuzu’s armour and leave their mark. Ayumu helps with the endless gossip and abuse Misuzu receive from the mean girls, who are delightfully nasty with the razor sharp words they throw at her – few manga demonstrate just how nasty girls can be with gossip. Blue Friend reaches its peak in drama when Misuzu’s traumatic past is brought into the narrative. Won’t give anything away, but I loved it.

The two girls have sweet interactions with each other, establishing them as friends first; you can believe they would hang out together, even if there were no intimate connection. However, the greatest element of believability in their relationship is Misuzu’s reaction to Ayumu having other friends – jealousy. Irrational, extreme jealousy. The author knew that someone as shut in and damaged as Misuzu wouldn’t accept the idea that others also care about Ayumu so easily, becoming overly attached in the process.

Art – Medium

Good art, though the environments are minimal and there’s an overuse of blank eyes.

Story – High

An engaging character drama of a girl helping her friend open up.

Recommendation: Read it. Great drama and personal strife make Blue Friend worth reading.

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