Sweet Guilty Love Bites – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Sweet Guilty Love Bites


Genre: Yuri Romance Comedy

Length: 1 volume



  • Fun characters and enjoyable relationships with a mature approach to sex.
  • A generous amount of humour and cuteness, particularly in the second story.
  • Elegant and sexy character art.


  • I wouldn’t say no to more volumes.

(contains nudity and sex)

Sweet Guilty Love Bites is a series of three short stories about the relationships of four cabaret girls from Club Rose. First, we have Kyrie who finds a woman sleeping in the club’s dumpster and takes her in like a stray cat. The stray has feline characteristics to match her free-spirited personality. The two women form an on and off relationship, as the stray wanders in and out of Kyrie’s life. Her cat-like personality makes for a fun relationship.

The second story follows Nina and her drunken one-night stand with a woman. To Nina’s embarrassment, the woman turns out to be the preschool teacher at her daughter’s school. This is the best of the three stories. The teacher’s nymphomaniac tendencies are the cause of several laughs, and the daughter is adorable. The teacher wants a relationship, but Nina is reluctant because of the responsibilities of being a single mother.

The final story is about the youngest of the cabaret women and her desire for a relationship with the most popular girl at the club. The only problem is that relationships aren’t allowed with other employees or customers. This is the most normal of the three stories, though it still has elements of conflict.

Sweet Guilty Love Bites is crafted with the right mix of seriousness, humour, and character. Coupled with maturity regarding sex and nice art, this manga is a worthwhile read.

Art – High

A lot of work went into making the beautiful and cute characters expressive. Minimal environments, however.

Story – High

Three short stories about cabaret women and their relationships. Enjoyable.

Recommendation: Read it. Each story is fun with a dose of sexiness blended in.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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