Kimi Koi Limit – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Kimi Koi Limit


Genre: Yuri Romance Drama

Length: 1 volume



  • The taking responsibility element.


  • Not long enough to reach the highs and lows it could have explored.

(contains nudity and sex)

Sono was in love with her classmate Satomi back in high school, but Satomi rejected her before going to Tokyo University. Now, Sono freeloads off her girlfriend in Tokyo, Hiroko, who also goes to Tokyo University. Sono never forgot about Satomi; however, and when she screams out her name during sex, Hiroko kicks her to the curb. Homeless and with no discernible talents, Sono starts stalking Satomi at her university. Coincidentally, Satomi and Hiroko are friends.

Through her ordeals, Sono learns to take responsibility for herself and become independent. Don’t let the homeless angle fool you into thinking Kimi Koi Limit is a dark tale of a woman pushed to the edge of despair. While the manga does have sombre moments, it doesn’t reach the depth I would have liked to see. Still, I enjoyed my time with Kimi Koi Limit and the laughs were good.

Art – High

The visuals are good with plenty of detail on the clothing and backgrounds in particular.

Story – Medium

A good story of a girl learning to take responsibility for her laziness and naïve decisions.

Recommendation: Try it. Kimi Koi Limit isn’t long and the love triangle is interesting.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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