Twin Cake – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Twin Cake


Related: Shoujo Holic (same author)


Genre: Yuri

Length: 1 volume



  • None.


  • No conflict.
  • Paltry attempts at depth.

(contains nudity)

Wannabe idol Kaede failed to sell during her debut and now works as an office lady at her talent agency, hoping to take off one day. Luck strikes when she is asked to temp as a manager for Susuran, her favourite idol. Unfortunately, when she meets her idol, all she finds is a spoilt, sex-crazed brat.

Twin Cake is mostly about Kaede handling menial tasks for Susuran, as the idol tries to grope her. The main drama enters later with the return of Susuran’s former manager; Susuran wants to be worthy of being her client again, while Kaede secretly wishes to keep working as a manager. There isn’t much to it. Nothing abhorrent either – just meh. Some of the jokes made me smile.

Art – Medium

Generic. Medium levels of detail, quality, design, etc.

Story – Low

The story doesn’t have enough in it to extract more than a slight laugh.

Recommendation: Don’t bother. If more effort had been put into this, the maybe, but as is, no.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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