Mousou Honey – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Mousou Honey


Related: Gokujyo Drops (same author)


Similar: First Love Sisters


Shoujo Holic

Sky-Coloured Girlfriend

Brother, Dear Brother

Strawberry Panic


Genre: Yuri School Life

Length: 1 volume



  • Nothing.


  • Yet another clichéd new girl in an all-girls school with elite group narrative.
  • Stupid premise about the school uniform.
  • Is this just Gokujyo Drops again without the sex?

New girl enters all-girls high school, is selected by the elite group (student council in this case), and becomes infatuated with one of the senior girls. There’s even the stereotypical gropey senior. Yeah, yeah, heard it all before. So what’s the spin here? She is cute in uniform? What? That’s it, really? Yep, she’s selected for the elite because she looks the cutest in the school uniform. Everyone fawns over her. So bored.

Mousou Honey’s only notable difference with Gokujyo Drops by the same author is the lack of sex – up to you whether that’s a positive or negative. Personally, it means a shorter manga and less time wasted on this.

Art – Low

Basic manga art with little detail and no variety. Like Gokujyo, many of the faces feel copy-pasted.

Story – Very Low

Seen it. Many times.

Recommendation: Don’t bother. Nothing of interest in this stupid premise.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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