Two and Two – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Futari to Futari


Genre: Yuri Romance

Length: 1 volume



  • Nothing


  • It’s smut misplaced in the romance section.
  • Bland art of little effort.
  • Stiff, unnatural dialogue.
  • No actual conflict despite the dual-affair setup.

Ayumi’s girlfriend introduces her to a friend and her girlfriend, who turns out to be Sayoko, Ayumi’s roommate. Upon discovering that Ayumi is a lesbian, Sayoko confess her love for her, shortly after which they start an affair behind the backs of their girlfriends.

Despite what the setup promises, there is no conflict present in Two and Two. The roommates keep telling each other how much they love their respective girlfriends, with no evidence of this, as they grind against each other. Furthermore, they face no trouble from the others, who accept it without question. The stiff dialogue doesn’t help.

Two and Two really is just smut trying to pass for a romance manga.

Art – Low

Bland. Low on detail.

Story – Very Low

This is really just swinger smut with no intention of conflict.

Recommendation: Avoid it. Not worth your time unless you are looking for smut.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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