Love DNA XX – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Renai Idenshi XX


Genre: Yuri Science Fiction

Length: 2 volumes



  • The interesting premise intrigues from the beginning.
  • Nice costume design.
  • Good humour – funny jokes about girls always going to the bathroom together.


  • Should have been several volumes long, at least, to explore the premise in full and ease the narrative curve.
  • Jumps from drama angle to comedy too quickly.

(contains nudity and sex)

In the year 2122, the last male died from a virus that destroys the Y chromosome. To save humanity, the government instated Project Eden wherein all females were divided into two groups, ADAMs to fight and do hard labour, and EVEs to birth children through artificial insemination and care for everyone. Jump to year 2160, Aoi, a lowborn ADAM, enters the Kingdom Academy to kill the children of the elite families that ruined her mother (ADAMs are referred to as ‘he’ in the manga) for falling in love with a fellow EVE. Relationships between women of the same group are forbidden, since the government believes it would slow down population growth.

The elite families run the government and positions are hereditary, meaning no ‘peasant’ families may enter the ‘noble’ class. The public accepts this for the greater good of saving the human race. As Aoi works her way to the upper echelons of the academy, the student Etoiles, to get close to her targets, she learns there may be more than just evil to them, for one student in particular.

Love DNA XX feels rushed, sadly, for I like its premise. The story starts with an angle towards revenge and drama before it switches to more comedy and romance. While neither of these aspects are bad, the transition is far too quick. It quite literally jumps from one to the other in the space of a page. The premise could easily carry a narrative for several more volumes, and I would have liked to see the revenge to romance story go through a more gradual curve before its conclusion. Even so, I enjoyed my time with Love DNA XX.

Anecdote: The highest ranked student is called ‘three-star Etoile, ‘which translates from French to ‘three-star Star.’ Amusing.

Art – High

Good art reminiscent of Code Geass with nice environments and beautiful costumes.

Story – Medium

A unique story with several interesting aspects that unfortunately feels rushed due to the short length.

Recommendation: Try it. The premise alone is worth a look and the story may make you stay until the end.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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