Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep


Genre: Yuri Drama

Length: 1 volume



  • Doesn’t shy away from the darkness of its serious themes.
  • Sympathetic characters.


  • Needed more time to reach maximum depth.

When Imari goes to hospital to fix her broken finger, she meets Imari, who not only shares her name, but also age, birthday off by one day, and the same injury. They bond over this crazy coincidence. Their temperaments also match; both have difficulties when making friends and both are afraid of getting close to the other for fear of rejection.

At first, Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep seems like your typical yuri romance – a premise to setup up the relationship and minor conundrums to fill the narrative. However, it soon deviates from the norm when it delves into the dark aspects of the couple. It focuses on loneliness and the desperation to escape crippling loneliness, latching onto the smallest event for comfort amid the mentality of self-loathing.

Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep was a pleasant surprise. The dark themes and unconventional characters make this manga a good one.

Art – High

Good art that gets suitably dark to match the drama.

Story – High

A dark and interesting narrative born from a wild coincidence. Shame it isn’t longer.

Recommendation: Read it. Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep is unlike other offerings from the genre and certainly worth your time.

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