Lemonade – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Lemonade


Genre: Yuri Slice of Life

Length: 1 volume



  • Nothing


  • So, so dull.
  • Art is cheap and lazy.
  • No charm, not funny.

I’ll keep this brief. Lemonade is rubbish. It’s about a schoolgirl who gets teased for her cuteness by a senior, who was a friend of her older sister. That’s it. Lemonade isn’t funny, has no charm, the art is cheap, and the manga is dull overall.

Reading Lemonade is like listening to someone at the bus stop ramble on about how her baby grew a tooth and said a word, pictures shoved in your face. Nobody cares! Take a taxi and don’t read Lemonade.

Art – Very Low

The art could only be cheaper if it were stick figures.

Story – Very Low

How do you write that which is nothing?

Recommendation: Avoid it. A whole lot of nothing.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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