Candy Boy – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Candy Boy


Genre: Yuri Comedy

Length: 2 volumes & 1 extra volume



  • A little charming.


  • Doesn’t seem to have a purpose.
  • The sister obsession is quite pointless. Without it, the story would have still worked the same as two sisters living in Tokyo.

Despite the title, it’s not about cross-dressing, as I assumed. Candy Boy follows twin sisters struggling with finances to pay for their Tokyo dorm while they prep for university. Kanade, an action figure otaku, has intimate feelings for her sister Yukino and wonders what she should do. The plot is just small conundrums the sisters face on a daily basis, such as how Kanade is going to afford the latest figurine she drools over.

There isn’t much to say about Candy Boy. It’s unremarkable, has a few laughs, sure, but forgettable overall. I think it would have been a more entertaining manga if it had dropped the sister complex and instead focused on two sisters in the big city finding creative ways to make money.

Though Candy Boy isn’t bad, I can’t recommend it for its lack of substance. Also, why is it called Candy Boy? There’s candy at the end, but has nothing to do with boys.

Art – Medium

The art is quite nice, but nothing spectacular enough to save your attention.

Story – Low

Has some charm to it, but the inconsequential nature of the narrative events and mild comedy brings the whole manga to a forgettable level.

Recommendation: Don’t bother. I can barely remember what happens in Candy Boy despite finishing it an hour ago.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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