Gokujyo Drops – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Gokujou Drops


Related: Mousou Honey (same author)

Similar: First Love Sisters


Shoujo Holic

Sky-Coloured Girlfriend

Brother, Dear Brother

Strawberry Panic


Genre: Yuri School Life

Length: 3 volumes



  • Nothing.


  • Dime-a-dozen premise and execution.
  • Uses bad drama in an attempt to hide the reality that it’s no more than smut.
  • Not funny or entertaining.

(contains nudity and sex.)

At this point, I feel I could copy and paste a previous review to fit Gokujyo Drops (they did that with the facial expressions in this manga, so why not). I have read this plot type a dozen times already. New high school student -> all-girls school -> joins prestigious sorority/dorm -> becomes infatuated with a high-class senior -> bullied for not being worthy of her attention -> they become a couple.

Gokujyo Drops’ ‘twist,’ if you can call it such, is the increase in smut compared to the others. In truth, this manga isn’t being honest with itself; it tries to veil the random incest, sexual assault, and repetitive sex scenes with bad drama (“not-worthy of her affection, so we are going to lynch you”).

There isn’t more to say. It doesn’t even try to be humorous about it – why not satirise the clichéd premise for entertainment?

Art – Low

Basic manga art with little detail and no variety. Many of the faces feel copy-pasted – lazy.

Story – Very Low

There isn’t much here. You have seen it before many times.

Recommendation: Don’t bother. Not interesting and not even entertaining enough to warrant a look.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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