First Love Sisters – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Hatsukoi Shimai


Similar: Nijipuri

Shoujo Holic

Sky-Coloured Girlfriend

Mousou Honey

Brother, Dear Brother

Strawberry Panic


Genre: Yuri Romance

Length: 3 volumes



  • Nothing


  • The romance starts on nothing and doesn’t build up to anything meaningful.
  • Incredibly creepy subplot with the new English teacher.
  • The drama stems from the most inconsequential problems.

Chika studies her hardest to get into the same prestigious all-girls high school as her senior crush, Haruna; however, on her first day, Haruna no longer shows interest, pretending they have never met before. And this, to Chika, is the greatest problem in the history of the universe. Chika uses her persistence and bubbly personality to win over Haruna the introvert.

This initial setup encapsulates First Love Sisters’ major fault. All the drama stems from first-world problems- no, that’s too serious a term here. Petty is more accurate. Even if I ignore the choice of using the most clichéd yuri plot type (in love with a senior in an all-girls school), there is no trigger for the romance. It doesn’t even start with basic attraction or infatuation; instant true love before any redeeming quality is shared. And the reason for why Haruna ignores Chika…wow. Haruna has recurring nightmares that make her scream out in terror in her sleep because a senior rejected her…seriously? That is some Twilight level garbage.

Volume two introduces a new English teacher who, without hesitation or protest, starts hitting on several junior students. Not a single complaint voiced. Nothin’. It isn’t “innocent” flirting either. Yet, even without this creepy quandary, the drama is so lame. When the characters are sad, I feel no pity for them. Not. A. Bit.

Art – Medium

Standard art that offers little variety or creativity, though has nothing bad to it.

Story – Very Low

A lame plot that stems from petty dilemmas. There’s also that creepy subplot.

Recommendation: Avoid it. Simply rubbish.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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