Brother, Dear Brother – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Oniisama e…


Similar: First Love Sisters


Shoujo Holic

Sky-Coloured Girlfriend

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Strawberry Panic


Genre: Yuri Drama

Length: 3 volumes



  • The ostentatious art has good detail.


  • The greatest challenge is getting into a sorority. Seriously, this sorority is the greatest accomplishment in life.
  • So much fawning over senior students, who all have implied qualities, not actual value.

Who would have thought that getting into a sorority would be a greater accomplishment than solving world hunger? That’s the impression I get from Brother, Dear Brother, where protagonist Nanako is plunged into a world of jealousy and backstabbing all because she got into the elite sorority at her new high school (all-girls, of course) run by the most beautiful girls evar. Other classmates spread stories about her lowborn heritage, and a rumour that her mother stole her stepfather away from his ex-wife while he was still married. They even start a petition to get her booted from the sorority. All of this for a high-school club? I just don’t care. It doesn’t matter how prestigious you make the sorority, no one will take the drama seriously.

Then there’s the fawning. Bloody hell… in the span of seven pages, we have to endure every girl in school wetting their knickers over several senior girls for how magnificent they are – “Oh mah gad! So bootiful!” That’s what they consider character development in this. Yet another Twilight level cliché (coming across a lot of these today). Never mind the fact that half these idols look like men – by the standards of the manga at least, where the men are so feminine, I had to check a database to be sure of genders. The students look like mannequins with coiffed hair and masks of make-up, which isn’t too bad, similar to Rose of Versailles. But that 70’s anime hair…

Now, it’s not all bad. Beneath the fawning and idiotic sorority drama, there is a decent idea. It’s a shame that character motivations are nonsense and the drama is little more than mean girl pettiness.

Art – Medium

Nice art at times with good detail, though has several androgynous-looking characters and the literal stars in eyes is silly.

Story – Low

Centring the drama on a sorority was a mistake. Unless the sorority is full of vampires with a penchant for children’s card games, it’s a dull idea.

Recommendation: Don’t bother. No aspect is interesting enough to warrant your attention.

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