Wife and Wife – Manga Review

Japanese Title: Fu-Fu


Genre: Yuri Slice of Life Comedy

Length: 2 volumes



  • Has an adorable charm.
  • The liberal use of chibi art enhances the charm and cuteness.


  • No serious conflict or tension.
  • While pleasant, the lack of depth can lose one’s attention.

Wife and Wife is the story of two lovers who move in together and start referring to each other as ‘wife’ to signify the new step in their relationship. Each chapter focuses on the ordinary dilemmas of their new life, such as what furniture to buy. It’s a simple narrative. No serious conflict, but is pleasant enough.

Where Wife and Wife shines is with its cuteness. Every aspect vomits cuteness all over the reader. First, there are the characters. One woman is a romantic airhead, always trying to find new ways to show affection. The other is stern and serious, but has a soft spot for her wife’s silliness and charms. They have great chemistry together, complementing each other’s personalities. Then we have the art – blerrrgh *vomits at cuteness.* It uses a mix of normal manga art interspersed with chibi style to augment the charm of the characters – forty percent of the panels are in chibi.

Other than the lack of conflict, a noticeable problem is that every character introduced is a lesbian, a cliché in yuri manga. That said, if you’re looking for a pleasant manga coupled with cute art, then Wife and Wife is for you.

Art – Medium

Undeniably cute art, but the basic premise doesn’t allow for variety or creativity beyond the use of chibi panels.

Story – Medium

Though it lacks depth, the story is pleasant and oozes cuteness.

Recommendation: Try it. Read one chapter to see if Wife and Wife is for you. The quality and style remains unwavering throughout its two volumes. Disgustingly cute.

(Find out more about the manga recommendation system here.)

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